Akira Fukuhara

Assistant Professor

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Research Statement

Why can animal move so adaptively in real worlds, which changes in every moment? I want to reveal mechanisms under-laying locomotion, especially quadrupedal, from viewpoints of interaction between body, environment, and control. Recently, I curious about quadruped, insect, and dinosaurs.

Short Biography

March, 2013 Received B. Eng degree from Tohoku University in engineering, Sendai, Japan.
March, 2015 Received M. Eng degree from Tohoku University in mechanical system design engineering, Sendai, Japan.
April, 2016 Research Fellowship for Young Scientists(DC2) Japan Society for Promotion of Science.
March, 2018 Received Dr. Eng degree from Tohoku University in electrical engineering, Sendai, Japan,
April, 2018 Postdoctoral Researcher in Ishiguro-Kano Lab.

Other Interests

Illustration, modeling, and music.