Rodrigo Senofieni

Exchange Student


Research Statement

Crawling robots could be used in tricky environments or inaccessible place for standard-wheeled robots. However, they are far from being employed in real-world scenarios, due to their complexity of realization and technological limitations. Several studies have been conducted in order to study their locomotion, but few real-world model where build. My task in the Ishiguro-Kano lab is to understand their motion, implement a decentralized control scheme and build a physical robot to test my results.

Short Biography

Born in Macerata, 1996, based in San Severino Marche, a very small town in the center of Italy, moved to Milan in 2015. I got the Bachelor degree in Automation engineering at Politecnico di Milano in July, 2018. In September, 2018 I started my MSc in Automation and Control at Polimi. In september 2019 I joined the exchange programme between Polimi and Tohoku University.

Other Interests

I'm a motorsport enthusiast. I love watching F1 races, and of course, being Italian, my favourite team is Ferrari! I also like playing videogames and I love cooking (my italian friends can confirm that I'm very good at it!!!)