Masashi Goda

Master Student


Research Statement

I study how insects generate locomotor patterns depending on their environmental conditions by proposing a mathematical model and verifying the model with hexapod robot. Insects can walk not only horizontally but vertically (e.g. climbing tree), or even upside-down on the ceiling! Surprisingly, they can walk even if their legs are amputated. They can live everywhere because of their adaptability. We want to understand how they achieve this amazing adaptability so that we can apply them to the walking robots adapting any environmental conditions. In our previous research, a mathematical model for quadrupeds was proposed and the robot showed some locomotor patterns by the model. I will improve this model for hexapod animal and verify the new model by hexapod robot.

Short Biography

2014 Graduate from Department of Chemical and Bio Engineering, Tohoku University now Department of Electrical Engineering Graduate School of Engineering Tohoku University

Other Interests

Triathlon:Do you know triathlon? You swim, ride a bycycle and run in one race. This sport is very crazy and very fun! Robot animation:Gundam, Fafner