Sakiko Miyazawa

Master Student


Research Statement

Insects exhibit adaptive locomotion in response to the environment by coordinating their legs. If we understand mechanism underlying interlimb coordination, we can build amazing robot that can walk adaptively in the unpredictable environment in the future. In my research, I build a mathematical model focusing on "TEGOTAE", a Japanese concept describing how well a perceived reaction matches an expectation, and verify the new model through simulation.

Short Biography

Utsunomiya Girls Highschool (2009.4-2012.3)
Department of Information and Intelligent Systems, School of Engineering, Tohoku University(2012.4-2016.3)
Department of Electrical Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University(2016.4-)
A member of Ishiguro lab.(2014.12-)

Other Interests

I'm interested in science communication and I am a member of volunteers of Tohoku university science cafe.
I play tenor horn in british brass band.
I like eating! If you know good place to eat around Katahira campus, please let me know:)