13 July 2015

End of last month we attended AMAM (Adaptive Motion of Animals and Machines), which was a blast!

AMAM Splash

We had several posters showing, Takeshi gave a short talk and Akio-sensei gave the final keynote, which seems to have been well received. There were countless other interesting and fun talks, for example, did you know there are squid that actively fly? Or a fish which can walk [1]?
The lab demos were also great fun, we got to see MITCheetah bounding around, Atlas walking over cinderblocks, and then moving forward super-fast, and loads more.

Well, now that we're back to the lab, it's time to put some of the amazing ideas we've gotten from this conference into practice! Templates or floquet-analysis anyone?

[1]: Standen, Emily M., Trina Y. Du, and Hans CE Larsson. "Developmental plasticity and the origin of tetrapods." Nature (2014).